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SUWA Submission - Hunting on Public Land
Members Information Release

Dear Members,

Please see below our report to you regarding the events unfolding from our submission release to the parliamentary Standing Committee for your information.

In December 2013, the parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Administration invited submissions regarding the future of recreational hunting in Western Australia (Inquiry into the potential environmental contribution of recreational hunting systems).
Shooters Union Western Australia (SUWA) welcomed the opportunity to participate as part of the review process and put forward a submission accordingly.
The SUWA subsequently published its submission on the Internet.

Shortly thereafter, we were contacted by ‘the man’ and were told that publishing what we’d put forward ‘might’ constitute contempt of parliament, as said Committee is not allowed to broadcast submissions until such times as it determines.

After 50 minutes of to-and-fro about what exactly the Committee (as opposed to those putting forward submissions) are permitted to do with said submissions, it was agreed that SUWA had broken no rules – all a bit galling, but nevertheless not wholly unexpected (it’s not like it’s the first time we’ve upset the powers-that-be).

This was not an issue for us.

However, what really shocked us was that we were soon contacted by a newly minted member of the Legislative Council (supposedly elected to represent the interests of shooters - off the back of Green’s preferences), and politely told to pull our heads in.

Two points arising from this stand out to us –

1.  SUWA broke no ordinances by publishing its submission, and;

2.  if the Committee genuinely believes the Union to be in contempt of parliament then charge us accordingly and let’s have the whole  matter out in front of the Legislative Council – all recorded on Hansard of course.

Be careful who you vote for boys and girls.
It appears those leather padded seats on the gravy train can be extremely seductive.

P. Peake
Shooters Union Western Australia

Shooters Union Western Australia - Submission on Hunting on Public Lands

Dear Members,

Please find below a copy of the SUWA submission to the parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Administration for your information.



The Future of Hunting in WA.

Western Australia's parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Administration has launched an inquiry into the question of recreational hunting on public land in WA.

Anyone wishing to put forward a written submission has until 28 March to send it in. The terms of reference can be found at -

While the Committee isn't due to report on its recommendations until early December 2014, the chance for shooters in WA to put forward their views on the future of recreational hunting in the state provides an invaluable opportunity.

Submissions should be addressed to

Ms. Lauren Mesiti
Committee Clerk, Standing Committee on Public Administration
Legislative Council 
Parliament House 
Perth WA 6000


SUWA has written Police Minister Liza Harvey in regards to the exhorborant price increases in firearm licencing recently announced. Copies of the letter from SUWA and the response from Minister Harvey are below.

PDF Icon SUWA Letter To The Minister 27-06-13 PDF 63kB

PDF Icon Minister Liza Harvey PDF 954kB

We have also written to Shooters and Fishers Party member Rick Mazza in regards to the price increases. Copies of the letter from SUWA and Mr Mazza are below.

PDF Icon SUWA Letter To Rick_Mazza 02-07-13 PDF 58kB

PDF Icon Rick Mazza SFP Response PDF 1.6MB